Our Eco Farm

To protect, and reflect, the goodness of the place we live through the food that we produce on our farm.

Aiming for sustainability through:

Rare native breeds

100% renewable energy

Harvesting H2O, sunshine, and heat from the air

Repurposing, repairing, recycling


Conservation grazing of our wildflower meadows


Working our land by hand

Caring for the people who work alongside us

Being responsible in how we buy, as well as how we sell.

Our animals and surroundings

At Cinderhill Farm the animals have green grass under their feet and the open sky above them, with cosy shelters to rest in and fresh, running water to drink. There’s space for them to run and jump and play, and they have learned to trust people, to enjoy having their tummies tickled and heads stroked. Buzzards fly overhead and deer (black and red fallow deer) visit the ponds, springs and stream most nights. The fields are rich with meadow grasses and wild flowers. History pops up daily in the soil in the form of iron smelt. There are views across the valley to Wales, and mile upon mile of forest stretching as far as the eye can see. And a little house, which we call home.

Rare and native British breeds grown using traditional methods in the spirit of Slow Food

‘Eat Them to Keep Them’ is the mantra for this model of farming.
We compete in a market of fast grown, indoor-reared competition for the consumer’s shopping basket.
The goods we produce on our farm helps us to keep the farm – and other farms around us – financially viable through the use of the produce in our handmade luxury ready to eat food.

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Cinderhill Farm, Lower Cinderhill
St Briavels, Lydney
GLoucestershire, GL15 6QF

01594 530580
Registered Company No 9415090
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